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A Case for Green Development

An Untraditional Approach to Generating Traditional Economic Returns


  • Mr. Camoin Associates - Senior Project Manager


Since its primary emergence in the United States in the early 1970s, public opinion and subsequent policy at the local, state, and federal levels has slowly evolved to recognize the importance and benefits of green development. As a result, more and more focus is being put on building and developing our communities in a way that is in harmony with our natural environment, social and cultural preferences, and in a way that recognizes and respects the limitations of our natural environment.

The following article looks at key aspects and pillars of green development, in addition to focusing on a broad range of economic considerations relevant to the practice. Topics include a general overview of green certification programs, green development’s impact on the sustainable building material manufacturing industry, adoption and real estate growth in green-certified multi-family and office real estate, and real estate market investment in sustainable building portfolios. Together, these topic areas tell the story of how green development can promote economic growth and resiliency while also promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Author Biography

Mr., Camoin Associates - Senior Project Manager

Andy joined Camoin Associates with the intent of leveraging his background in municipal project management, public finance, municipal budget development, infrastructure financing, and real estate development to help clients achieve outcomes that make a lasting positive impact on communities. During his tenure with Camoin Associates, Andy has worked on and led a variety of projects with both public and private sector clients focusing on regional and site-specific real estate market development strategies, strategic organizational planning, industry and workforce market analyses, economic impact analysis, and economic revitalization strategies.

Prior to joining Camoin Associates, Andy worked for the City and County of Denver, CO where he worked in a variety of different roles leading and supporting a number of major projects and initiatives. The most notable roles included helping establish and supporting the city’s first public-private partnership (P3) office and the procurement of its first flagship programs; facilitating the coordination, development, and implementation of the city’s annual operating budget and capital improvement program (CIP); and acting as a financial project manager to help deliver large capital projects and coordinate their funding and delivery with internal executive directors, staff, elected officials, and external project stakeholders.

Andy holds an MBA from Clarkson University and a BS from SUNY Geneseo in Business Administration.

Personal Interests

Andy enjoys spending time with friends and family, and being outdoors hiking and golfing in the Adirondack region. 


The technology connected world managed by society can be fully operated by green energy.




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